Why Pittsburgh Is Soon Becoming the National Center for Software Development

During the past 30 years, advancedsoftware development has found a home and built a new epi-center in the city of Pittsburgh. This might be surprising to some, who will remember Pittsburgh as a haven of closed steel mills and over-the-hill manufacturing sites. Now, functioning as the "new Silicon Valley," Pittsburgh boasts many high-tech companies, conferences, and organizations.

In fact, recently rated one of the nation's most livable cities in terms of affordability, Pittsburgh continues to offer much bang for the buck for new high-tech companies and organizations originating and/or choosing to settle there. In the paragraphs to follow, we will learn who some of these companies and organizations are, and we will investigate an upcoming conference critical to the high-tech market in Pittsburgh.

Why Pittsburgh Is Soon Becoming the National Center for Software Development

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Becoming The New Silicon Valley

NetworkWorld.com refers to Pittsburgh's recent boom in high-tech software growth as a "renaissance" and credits Pittsburgh's leaders, technical organizations, and institutes for higher education for its development. Specifically, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Regional Investors Council have been instrumental in inviting existing companies to take up residence in the city and in supporting local startups. Of particular note is "A long-shuttered 100-year old Nabisco factory [that] has been redeveloped and is now a modern technology hub occupied by Google..." Another noteworthy, and locally based, company is TechShop Pittsburgh.

Innovation Works: The Center For Tech Startups

Innovation Works (IW), a grassroots organization worthy of mention, is also responsible for spawning some technical companies in Pittsburgh through its start-up labs, AlphaLab and AlphaLab Gear. According to NetWorld.com, "IW has invested over $60 million in more than 160 technology startups, and in turn those companies have been a magnet for creating thousands of new jobs and attracting follow-on capital to the region." Companies that have emerged from IW include several Pittsburgh-based companies that design and write software for purposes varying from helping new moms choose robotic supplies for their babies to using shoe insoles to produce electric power.

Higher Education For Tech and Software

Not to be left out, Pittsburgh's institutes of higher education top the list in sponsoring and promoting newly growing technology and software companies in the city. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Technology Development Center and the Carnegie Melon University Entertainment Technology Center are both instrumental here. DeepLocal and RE2, inc., are 2 companies that possess roots in the university system. Companies such as these and many other technology companies have unified to form the Pittsburgh Technology Council, which promotes the growth of the companies involved, while encouraging communication and innovation in the high-tech software development field.

Abstractions: A New Software Development Conference

Also promoting such growth is a conference coming to Pittsburgh for the first time this August, called Abstractions. Sponsored by the Pittsburgh developer group Code and Supply, Abstractions will seek to bring together top-notch technical software companies and organizations to introduce them to the technical centers that call Pittsburgh home. Speakers will include software developers, business managers, tech suppliers, and more experienced professionals in the high-tech software business. Next Pittsburgh quotes Code and Supply developer Justin Reese as follows: "'With recognition in media and investment by major software companies like Google, Facebook, Uber and Apple, now is the time to bring in software developers from around the world to see.'"

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