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The Ultimate Cloud Computing Stack For Startups

What startup companies need first and most of all is one thing: sell their product.

If the product is not yet ready to sell, the startup must set its goal to finish developing it, so they put it on the market to bring in positive cash flow. They need to get their core business rolling, and cash flowing into the company. All else is subsidiary.

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10 Awesome Blogs Every Startup Should Be Reading

There's no lack of blogs for tech developers and startups, but where do you start reading?

You need a balanced menu, with business news, tech news, and a bit of wild speculation. Keeping up with multiple sources helps you to keep an independent perspective and not depend on any one publisher's claims. Here are some blogs that should be at the top of your list.

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Why Scaling Your Business Requires Simplicity, Not Complex Technologies

You're perhaps starting to see signs of growth in your company after taking several years to get to where you are now. As a result, it's perhaps time to upgrade to new technology, even though you worry about how much you can acquire based on your budget. Having to invest in overhauling your infrastructure could cost thousands of dollars. Worse, you may acquire technologies that are far too complex for your team to acclimate to immediately.

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Attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2016: Why You Should Join and Pitch Your Startup

TechCrunch Disrupt has become a leading convention that allows technological startups to find a way to introduce themselves and present game-changing technologies. They're renowned around the world now for not just letting startups get a foot in the door, but to also discuss the latest technologies in general.

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How To Evaluate Platform As A Service Providers (PaaS) For Your Startup

As a startup, you obviously have many budgetary limitations that may hold you back on getting the technology you need to spread your wings. The cloud might sound daunting if you're new to it, but it's an obvious choice to startups that can't afford to buy physical equipment. At the heart of this is numerous "as a service" features many cloud providers offer.

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Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups

Searching for a PaaS provider is a tough process now because of how many there are and each one saying they're better than the other. Choosing one requires extensive vetting to scope out exactly how it matches what you and your developers need. Otherwise known as Platform as a Service, PaaS has taken a leap forward in the last couple of years thanks to better features and new technologies.

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