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DevOps is NOT about Automation Tools! (But they're a Prerequisite)

I travel to many DevOps and software engineering conferences, both large and small. When the topic of what DevOps really means arises, someone always brings up the argument:

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Scalability Solutions: Is Your Site Prepared For Popularity?

We’re living in a high-volume, high-velocity information era and businesses are feeling the pressure to adopt, adapt – or die. Not only must they cater to oceans of internal, social, web and customer data, but they also need the expertise, processes and people in place to usher in new ways of doing business that cater to the demands of the 21st century customer. But while transformation in the digital era has become essential for every business, it’s also very much a process.

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6 Forums Every DevOps Engineer Should Follow

If everyone in your profession with an opinion, a question, or an answer engages in discussions on one platform or another, then you need to join that conversation to learn and build your position of authority in the industry. Strange as it seems, there is much truth to this circular statement.

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The First-Ever Abstractions Conference: Why Your Software Company Should Go

As a software company, networking is essential to learn new ideas and link up with potential business partners. There isn't any better place to do this than at the Abstractions Conference that's having its inaugural event this year. Held in Pittsburgh, PA from August 18-20, it's a chance for software developers from all fields to mingle and share the latest modern development ideas.

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The DevOps Team Bottleneck

It's 2016, Software has been busy eating the world for a while now, and with the boatloads of new software being released every day, a major shift has been happening in the ways that software is being developed, deployed and hosted. The biggest change of all on the hosting and deployment side has been the the rise of containers, and the need for continuous delivery. But why has there been such a huge jump in adoption? Companies have been doing continuous delivery and server automation with configuration management for years, right? Well, yes, but when your goal is to change the culture of your software development organization, and promote self sufficient teams, that can deploy and manage their own projects, getting there with Config Management will become a major bottleneck. Until Docker made easy to use linux container tech open source, there wasn't any real viable alternative to do it better, and still run on your own hardware or cloud account. Even a product like RightScale that saw significant success, required extensive scripting, or learning Chef.

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Tide - Cron on ContainerShip

We've released the initial version of Tide, our cluster scheduler for dealing with containerized batch jobs. It runs directly within ContainerShip, and doesn't require an additional process to be running on every server.

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c2c — Docker Compose to ContainerShip Converter


When you are just starting out with Docker, you will spend some time reading through the documentation, getting familiar with the steps needed to containerize your app.

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What’s all this talk about Cloud/Container Native & Cloud First and how does it relate to DevOps?

In the last two years I’ve noticed a lot of posts, webinars, and meetup groupsdedicated to talking about building software that is “Cloud/Container Native” and I think it’s great that more focus is being put on the topic. With containers and orchestration being all the rage, it’s important to discuss the developer side of the DevOps contract, and how to build software that will function properly in a more automated world. That is what building cloud native software is all about. Taking steps during development to ensure that applications are being architected in a way that will enable things like logging, metrics, scaling, and more to snap in to place. It’s exciting that as an industry and a craft, we are moving in a direction that makes life easier for everyone involved, but it was not always like this, and we still have a long way to go before every team can reach DevOps nirvana.

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Environment Support

As we move along on our path to creating the simplest solution for running Docker in production, and giving developers an out-of-the-box continuous deployment and automation system for any cloud, we’ve added basic support for environments.

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Taking Control of Container Placement

Services like
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