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DevOps is NOT about Automation Tools! (But they're a Prerequisite)

I travel to many DevOps and software engineering conferences, both large and small. When the topic of what DevOps really means arises, someone always brings up the argument:

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Improve Your Deployment Pipeline With Continuous Delivery

To move a project through the delivery pipeline effectively, you need some level of automation. Delivering software isn’t simply a process of taking one set of files and copying them over to a new environment – it’s a delicate orchestration of processes. And with more businesses looking to adopt DevOps into their organizations, those who have been at it for some time know that their advantage over newcomers will soon run out.

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Why Do Dev Agencies Need Continuous Delivery?

At its core, DevOps facilitates collaboration between software developers, other IT professionals and the business at large, while automating much of the delivery of software and changes to infrastructure. Due to its magnitude, DevOps calls for some major adjustments to entrenched organizational cultures that have traditionally seen developers, operations teams and other business units working separately.

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Continuous Delivery Tools: A Definitive Ranking

In this blog, we’re rounding up a few of the most popular tools in the DevOps and continuous software delivery multiverse. As the world of DevOps continues to evolve and produce business technology at a faster rate, the number of tools needed to orchestrate delivery pipelines that are fast, efficient, and robust is on the rise.

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A Continuous Delivery Checklist For Development Agencies

The continuous delivery suite of methodologies improves the speed, reliability, and frequency at which software applications are released into live environments, thereby allowing businesses to benefit from them much quicker. But getting complex behind-the-scenes processes to gel and bringing people together to build an effective delivery pipeline requires an understanding of what it takes to get it off the ground.

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Best Continuous Integration Solutions: A Brief Guide

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI and CD) are now a favorite paradigm for software development.

Rather than having breaks in the development cycle for new releases, developers constantly add incremental changes. If a change goes wrong, it's an easy rollback to the previous version. Not every build goes out to end users, but any successful build can.

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Continuous Deployment With Jenkins: 10 Quick Facts

If you're new to the application Jenkins , it's an award-winning continuous integration and delivery application written in java.  It allows your development team to continuously build and test software projects so you don't have conflicts and dreaded downtime.

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An Almost Foolproof Way For Achieving Continuous Deployment

One problem with sharing applications and development responsibilities within a company is when different development environments are being used. When a development team creates one server environment and another team creates another, what happens if they can't interact well together? 

This is a dilemma far too many companies face who use virtual machines. But you have an almost foolproof way for achieving continuous deployment, faster response, and allowing more collaboration.

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