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New In Marketplace: IronFunctions Functions-as-a-Service in 11 Clouds

Today we added a new integration to the ContainerShip Cloud click to deploy marketplace, IronFunctions. IronFunctions is an open source project developed by that offers a FaaS (functions as a service) platform for developing and running AWS Lambda style micro applications.

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DevOps is NOT about Automation Tools! (But they're a Prerequisite)

I travel to many DevOps and software engineering conferences, both large and small. When the topic of what DevOps really means arises, someone always brings up the argument:

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Attention Small Businesses: Why You Should Start Using Containers Early

Interest in container technologies keeps growing; and when you consider the wide range of benefits they provide, it’s not surprising. Big names like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have relied on containers to support their massive ops for years, but smaller companies and startups are only now starting to realize their potential.

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5 Things To Consider Before Switching To Containers

Within the last five years, we've seen excitement build for technologies like the cloud and The Internet of Things as just two. You've probably heard about container technology in-between those aforementioned topics, yet you've put off learning about it until recently.

Containers relate offhandedly to the cloud, though it provides a whole other level of tech service bringing far more efficiency in running applications.

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10 Single Sentence Explanations Of Container Technology That Will Enlighten You

Container technology recently found more interest by companies in a time when business demands require faster applications. Even though it sometimes takes a back seat to discussions about the cloud or The Internet of Things, containers are equal with those in being able to make your company run more optimally.

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A History Of Container Technology

If you've been curious about container technology lately, you're far from being alone. Many companies have begun to show more ardent interest in this new variation on virtual machines. What's interesting about containers is while they're usually compared to VM's, they're actually quite different.

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The Biggest Mistakes Pokemon Go Made Startups Make Everyday

It seems that PokemonGo became the ultimate app distraction this summer to perhaps help everyone escape from daily life. We have to give credit to them for helping people be able to leave reality for a little while. Regardless, this much dependency on an app requires some care and investment in proper technology to keep things running optimally.

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Definitions From A Developer: What Is A Container

New arrivals on the infrastructure landscape aren’t only meant to expand on an already abundant collection of catchy abbreviations and acronyms, they’re also revolutionizing the way people, businesses and technology interact on a daily basis. One such relative newcomer to the world of DevOps and IT at large is the Software Development Container.

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7 Exciting Parts Of Attending #ContainerCon 2016

If you've shown interest using container technology this year in your company, you probably never knew a convention could revolve around them. While you can perhaps say there's a convention for everyone and everything, ContainerCon is available to you as an exciting new opportunity in the software development community.

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Why Scaling Your Business Requires Simplicity, Not Complex Technologies

You're perhaps starting to see signs of growth in your company after taking several years to get to where you are now. As a result, it's perhaps time to upgrade to new technology, even though you worry about how much you can acquire based on your budget. Having to invest in overhauling your infrastructure could cost thousands of dollars. Worse, you may acquire technologies that are far too complex for your team to acclimate to immediately.

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