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Six Telltale Signs It's Time To Stop Writing Configuration Management Code

Any DevOp team wants to write clean code that enables minimum downtime, scales to meet demand and can be easily maintained. This, however, isn’t always easy to achieve. Some of the popular configuration management systems that development teams use include Chef, Puppet and CFEngine, to name a few.

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DevOps is NOT about Automation Tools! (But they're a Prerequisite)

I travel to many DevOps and software engineering conferences, both large and small. When the topic of what DevOps really means arises, someone always brings up the argument:

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Containers Vs. Virtual Machines: Choosing The Best Option For Your Business

Only a few years ago, we heralded the arrival of the virtual machine (VM) as the answer to our problems concerning utilizing every resource on our server hardware. Virtual machines came along to revolutionize the way we thought about computing and it seemed as if all of our resource woes were finally coming to an end.

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Configuration Management And Containers: Which Is Better?

Configuration management is best understood through a simple example. If you, a new sysadmin, were to configure a web server with your Linux knowledge, you would know the commands to install packages and perhaps even build a few of your own. After editing some configuration files, loading kernel modules, restarting services, applying a few troubleshooting principles and documenting as you go along, a few things don’t work.

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Configuration Management: What It Is And What It's Not

With the cloud and its myriad spinoff technologies becoming the staple of everyday IT implementations, the need for faster and more agile deployment of infrastructure and their accompanying operating systems, and software applications, is on the increase.

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Forget Configuration Management, Think Containers

Running an application efficiently on a new machine can be tricky. Every environment is different, often leading to compatibility issues. Your software might be tested just with certain versions of system software and supporting libraries. If a different version of Java or PHP is installed, you might get subtle bugs that would never show up in your testing environment.

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Containers Vs. Config Management

Every development and operations team has more or less the same goals. Write code that is clean, maintainable, and performant, deploy code as often as possible without downtime, and give users a fast and enjoyable experience that scales to meet demand.

Deploying continuously without downtime and scaling to meet demand is typically easier said than done, and the options for how to achieve these goals number in the hundreds if not more. They require building a hosting platform that is capable of a lot of things that system administrators used to do manually.

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