Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups

Searching for a PaaS provider is a tough process now because of how many there are and each one saying they're better than the other. Choosing one requires extensive vetting to scope out exactly how it matches what you and your developers need. Otherwise known as Platform as a Service, PaaS has taken a leap forward in the last couple of years thanks to better features and new technologies.

Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups

Many note PaaS is going through an exciting time now thanks to newer technologies like containers that allow developers to test software with multiple operating systems as just starters.

What's unknown is which providers are going to win through this year andover the next few years. As a startup, you're probably trying to find a PaaS provider that helps you save as much money as possible.

Reports have various providers being big winners this year, though you can perhaps whittle it down to three soon.

Here's top three PaaS providers for startups and what you can expect from them in the very near future.

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Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups1. Docker

Look out for Docker to start moving into the top three of all PaaS providers, with containerization technology being one central reason. However, it goes beyond this based on a growing and maturing portfolio. Containers are now more portable and efficient over virtual machines, which ultimately helps build better software.

Docker makes it easier for your developers by letting them take copies of their live environments and running them on any platform using this software.

Isolation capabilities open new creative possibilities for developers by letting them use any program language necessary. Plus, with containers in the software, developers eliminate environment inconsistencies.

For sharing and collaboration, Docker is just as superior. Quick scaling is another plus and one reason you'll see this PaaS provider at the top spot before the next decade begins.

Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups2. Pivotal

Expect more growth for Pivotal, even though they're already doing extremely well in the private PaaS arena. Otherwise known as the "agile platform for agile teams", Pivotal has renown for its speed and ability to scale so you have instances in seconds rather than waiting minutes or hours.

One strong feature is their buildpacks that provide framework and runtime support for all your applications. As an automated system, each buildpack gets automatically selected to help install them on the DEA where your application runs.

Distribution is equally superior through containers. Pivotal uses Diego as their container management system, which helps you with application management and scheduling.

Other pluses here include performance monitoring and a health manager giving automatic recovery when your applications unexpectedly shut down. The latter even updates your app log so you don't lose anything.

With Pivotal already at the top, expect to see it as a major leader with Docker above.

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Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups3. ContainerShip

ContainerShip is similar to a PaaS provider in that it provides the unit of execution for application in PaaS.  ContainerShip manages your clusters on a specified hosting provider and allows you to automate provisioning, launch apps from our own marketplace, and manage load balancing between servers.

Our platform is also open source, meaning you don't have to pay anything to enjoy the greatness of containers and bringing advanced collaboration for your development team.

In additon to containers, ContainerShip can manage your docker images as well.  We let you run your applications on public or private cloud platforms, giving more convenience to your development team in chosing a provider.  We have many pre built integrations with the leading hosting platforms to get your application up and running quickly.

While you'll see AWS continue to stay at the top as a hosting provider, we plan to keep building integrations with the other providers that are out there.  It is your choice which provider you want to use, dont be locked into one provider or be limited to certain regions. 

Interested in trying out our services to learn just how we compare to other providers? Click here to get started for free with ContainerShip Cloud.

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