The First-Ever Abstractions Conference: Why Your Software Company Should Go

As a software company, networking is essential to learn new ideas and link up with potential business partners. There isn't any better place to do this than at the Abstractions Conference that's having its inaugural event this year. Held in Pittsburgh, PA from August 18-20, it's a chance for software developers from all fields to mingle and share the latest modern development ideas.

The First-Ever Abstractions Conference: Why Your Software Company Should Go

Since it's the first-ever Abstractions Conference, your software should go based on what the conference intends to accomplish. While it's certainly not the only software development conference in America, this one holds more promise based on integrating education with promotion.

It's possible your software development company is still trying to find its footing after opening this summer. Attending Abstractions gives a chance to go beyond just one department in your company. It's intended for everyone from designers, DevOps, to community leaders to join your development team and learn new things.

As with other tech conferences, the speaker list is quite impressive as well. Plus, with useful content not found anywhere else (and sponsorship capability), you may want to make the trip.

Software Creation at All Angles

When you take a look at the Abstractions register page, you see how much ground they want to cover at their first event. Through various seminars and lectures, they'll tackle everything from remarkable design elements, development perspectives, practical DevOps, and how to create effective community leadership.

All these categories have to work together to continually innovate, which only helps create better competition. To take this further, the event expects proposals from industry professionals to bring something unique and useful compared to similar tech conventions.

This gets helped along with the diverse speakers at Abstractions. The list includes individuals from prestigious development companies, including later "sessions" where you can meet experts and do more interactive learning.

Examples of the Speaker Roster

You may recognize some of the names speaking at this tech event. People like Larry Wall (who created the Perl programming language) is going to speak and likely expound on how to build software products for major companies. He already has a long track record creating similar software for corporations from Amazon to the BBC.

Then you have Allison Randall who's the current President of the Open Source Initiative. She's expected to speak and tell about her additional roles behind the OpenStack foundation board, plus being the open-source development manager at Hewlett-Packard.

Other names to look out for at the event include Raffi Krikorian (engineering lead at Uber), Andrew Clay Shafer (creator of the DevOps movement), and Kelsey Hightower (engineer for the Google Cloud platform).

These are just starters for the prestigious names, though you need to leave some time for the sessions listed above. Some of the subject matter is worth the price of admission.

Sessions to Attend

On the Abstractions website, you'll find a complete schedule for the sessions taking place over the conference's three days. Some events not to miss include Marylou Lenhart's "Yoga for Engineers", Safia Abdalla's "Flunking the Turing Test", Jeffrey Zeldman's "Has the Fun Gone Out of Web Design?", Luke Kanies's "ROI of DevOps: How DevOps Pays Off", and Emily Nakashima's "What Your Javascript Does When You’re Not Around." Also, Phil Dougherty, ContainerShip's CEO and Co-founder, will speaking at Abstractions.

This is only a short list of all speakers, not including the ability to meet with them afterward for your educational benefit.

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Enter To Win A Free Ticket

Interested in going? Well lucky for you, we're doing a ticket giveaway for the conference! We are hosting a contest for a giveaway of 8 tickets, which is a ticket value of $250. Our contest ends Thursday, July 28th, and we'll announce all winners via email.

UPDATE: Our Abstractions Free Ticket Giveaway has now ended. We hope you still have registered to go, as it is going to be one of the biggest software development conferences of the year. Let us know if you are planning on it and we'll make sure to say hello while you're there! 

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