Serious About DevOps? Velocity Attendees Are Ahead Of The Game

Since 2008, the Velocity Conference has brought together web professionals from different backgrounds. Some work in web performance, web operations, and DevOps. If you think you are you serious about DevOps, Velocity attendees are ahead of the game. This year promises to bigger and better programs than previous conferences (even though that is a hard act to follow). The only way you will feel disappointed is if you miss it.
Serious About DevOps? Velocity Attendees Are Ahead Of The Game

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The World Of DevOps

This is a culture that strives to bring teams together, teams of developers and operations teams. The focus is to develop and deploy software with maximum communication between teams, super-efficient practices, and with minimum disruption. DevOps has its own processes, tools, and practices but the reason DevOps is important is not because of any particular tools. It is about encouraging a work mentality that strives to leverage the appropriate tools that will improve software development. Think of it as building bridges between teams so that they work together more efficiently.

One of the results you can expect from DevOps innovation is the decreased cost in software development. It also means faster software releases, a reduction in software development failures and, where there are still failures, a faster recovery time. DevOps creates increased innovation opportunities and fostering a performance orientation instead of power plays between teams.

Everything you need to know about Velocity

Velocity will hold the 2016 conference in New York City on September 19-22, 2016 at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel. Whether you are a practitioner, developer, system administrator or engineering manager, this conference is tailor-made for you.

Velocity's first two days devote themselves to deep subject training sessions. Velocity limits the attendance size of the sessions to maintain the education level and to provide communication opportunities between attendees and presenters and speakers. Speakers include Rob Claire, Pinterest; Jane Arc, Uber; Michael Gorven, Facebook/Instagram; Reshmi Krishna, Pivotal; Kevin McLaughlin, Capital One; and Susan Fowler, Uber; and more.

The conference planners filled days three and four with keynote speakers and presentations. The topics conference planners expect to cover are:

  • Docker's continuous delivery
  • Engineering Leadership
  • Debugging tips for front-end programs
  • Terraform and Consul: infrastructure management programs.

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This year's offerings are divided into four main themes that will provide the framework for 2016 Velocity:

  • Performance for the People: Designing for the ultimate end-user experience means changing the way we work and the way we team together.
  • Measuring the right things: Let's talk about the necessity to adopt metrics and monitoring schemes
  • Infrastructure Reimagined: Taking a new look at containers, micro-services, and "server-less" architectures.
  • Financial systems: How businesses keep up with the new complexity in financial systems. How do we deal with older legacy systems?
  • Case studies: One of the most popular features at past Velocity conferences. Presenters tell their personal tales from their work and project files so that others might learn from their experiences.

Get ahead of the game

This is the best conference for you to mingle with high level professionals and learn from your global colleagues. You will meet the experts and discuss with them the questions you've been burning to ask. You will share best practices ideas. You will hear case stories detailing lessons that others learned. You will learn how to build faster applications. This is a four-day conference packed with opportunities for learning and networking with other professionals. Make sure to visit the exhibit hall with dozens of the latest tools and products for you to buy or just window-shop.

Save time for socializing, too. There are evenings filled with fun events like the Ignite Velocity session on Tuesday evening or the Pavilion Reception and DevOps After Dark in the lounge on Wednesday evening. You will enjoy eating and greeting your fellow web professionals at the Birds of a Feather luncheons, too. Don't forget to close out your wonderful four-day experience at the closing reception on Thursday evening.

Where can I register?

You can review registration information and prices on the Velocity conference website. There are many pricing packages to choose from. You can also sign-in or sign-up for an account.

Remember: You can also get a 25% discount on tickets if you use our promotional code: Containership25.

Get Velocity Tickets 25% OffIf you're registered and planning on attending Velocity, check out our booth at the conference and pick up some awesome Containership swag. See you there! 

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