How much does an outage really cost you?


How much do you think that down time really costs? Sure a few hours of hosting might only be a negligible amount of money, but what are the real effects? How many potential customers are you losing that are trying to access your product for the first time only to find out it doesn’t work. How many current clients are you upsetting by having a faulty service? How much of your daily profits are simply disappearing?

Your user's experience is vitally important, and the real effects outage can end up costing you thousands of dollars, and possibly damage your company image, which can be invaluable. That’s why at Containership we’re cloud agnostic and we want to help you become independent too. In the past month we’ve seen at least two of the industries giants, Amazon and Digital Ocean, go down for hours on end. While we do love and use their services, there is no reason to not have a back up plan for when they are down.

While Digital Ocean's customer droplets were not directly impacted, users were unable to access the necessary tools needed to manage their applications. Now this may not have been a problem for some, but others who needed to scale to meet demand or add additional droplets were out of luck. This was the second time it happened within the past week.

With the Containership Cloud platform you can instantly change providers with our Snapshot technology. Simply select which clusters are on the down provider, select a working backup, and restore it to any of our 13 other providers in any of the 120+ regions we offer. You don’t have to abandon the provider that you love, but instead we give you the option to switch out to a working provider at anytime.


We recommend having at least one failover cluster to ensure that you’re always online. What this involves is setting up your main clusters on the provider of your choice, but also having standby cluster that is running silently in the background on a separate provider that you can quickly migrate to scale up in case of any disaster. This will ensure that you’re always up and running.

You’ll never know the amount that an outage will truly cost you, but we’re here to help ensure you never have to experience it. Our platform is designed to grow with you and helps to protect you so you are always performing at your best.

Stay online with Containership.

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