Kubernetes Support, New Pricing, Expanded Free Tier, UI Overhaul, Limited Time Offers!

We are excited to announce some exciting new products and features in Containership Cloud!

Ride the Kubership

Today we have released to production our support for launching Kubernetes clusters via Containership Cloud with support all of the integrated providers on our platform:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Bluemix
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Compute
  • Joyent
  • Linode
  • Lightsail
  • Oracle
  • Packet
  • Rackspace
  • VMWare (beta)
  • Openstack (beta)


In addition to supporting all of our integrated providers, we also made sure to support all existing features like firewalls, loadbalancers, metrics, logs, team management, snapshots, and all the other tools that make up our little bundle of Multicloud Joy. Check out all of the features available in Containership Cloud on our feature overview page here.

Pricing Updates

After giving it plenty of thought, we've changed our pricing model to fit every size of user or business. We did away with the various tiers we had previously and opted for only 3 tiers. When we originally set the old pricing, we did so with some thought, but found that the price gaps were too large for users who only needed a few specific features, or who had tons of services but were a tiny company. The new pricing tiers are as follows: Basic (free tier) - Run unlimited services, unlimited clusters, no credit card required. On this tier the premium features of the platform are not available.Pro - For $8 a service a month, you get full access to all of the premium features as well as expanded support options.Enterprise - Want expanded support for auth mechanisms like LDAP/Active Directory, and to run our entire platform in your data center behind the firewall? This is the tier for you.You can check out the full list of pricing options and support plans here.

User Interface Makeover

This is just the start in our mission to significantly increase usability of the platform. We had some very nice stylistic updates to the look and feel of the user interface to better match our branding. We also began to consolidate various tabs and pages into a view that shows more of the information users are most interested in on certain pages. The most obvious changed page is the Service Detail page which now combines the metrics page, containers page, and allows scaling directly from there.


Over the next month we will continue to roll out addtional updates that make the product more pleasurable to use.

Fully Managed / Almost-Fully Managed Offers

For a limited time we are running two promotions designed to help businesses get up and running with containers, Kubernetes, and our platform. They include free containerization of a handful of services, various levels of support, and unlimited clusters and services for a year! It's a sweet deal and won't last forever so jump on it if you're interested.

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