Kubernetes for the People


Kubernetes is an amazing building block for managing containers at scale, but it is only a piece of the puzzle and does not solve the problems of actually provisioning the infrastructure and all the heavy lifting & management that goes along with it. To build fully portable, containerized infrastructure that is cloud native, something more was required.

At Containership, we believe that multicloud is a day zero decision. If you start from that perspective and go forward, you will never be locking yourself into specific cloud providers or infrastructure. There was a clear gap in the market since most large vendors offer Kubernetes and supporting tools to get you to use their specific compute resources and keep you on their cloud...This is just business and portability equals less revenue for them. Additionally, Kubernetes is not simple to use (i.e. the throngs of companies popping up to sell training and services packages).

We set out over a year ago to make Multicloud Kubernetes Easy. We can finally say that we have achieved that goal. With Containership, you can simply create, manage, scale and snapshot clusters that are fully cloud-agnostic and simple to migrate, clone or restore on any infrastructure.

Another glaring gap we identified in the market were firewalls and load balancers working across multiple cloud providers. So, we also took on that challenge and built cloud-agnostic firewalls that will work on any cloud provider or infrastructure, as well as global load balancers that do the same. Containership has automatic service discovery across your entire multicloud infrastructure to build next-generation microservices in a cloud native fashion, as well.

Launch services from your own container or docker registries and then visit our marketplace to deploy packaged services from industry-leading opensource projects and cloud-native vendors such as Redis, Grafana, MySQL and more. Containership is taking the user experience to new levels of simplicity.

Finally, we have support for 14 of the leading cloud providers (from AWS and Google to Digital Ocean and Packet). Just enter in your cloud credentials and you can start provisioning cloud resources in a multicloud world. Deploy your services to AWS for dev and live migrate to Packet for prod. Clone your full data center schema running on Google and redeploy the same stack to Alibaba. Snapshot and restore your entire containerized infrastructure from the apps down to data.

We have made becoming cloud-agnostic simple. Best of all, Containership is extremely easy to use and has features that both developers and operators love and require. Use our intuitive UI or plug in your own CI/CD process. Our SaaS solution scales from the largest enterprises to the smallest dev shops.

While simplicity is key, we know not everyone is an expert in this fast-moving world of docker and Kubernetes. Containership is here to help and offers managed services, support, and professional services to help you get started fast.

Get started for free or sign up for our budget-friendly Pro plan. Need something else? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us (hello@containership.io).

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