KubeCon EU 2019: Conference in Barcelona? We say gopher it.

If it feels like KubeCon is growing each conference, that’s because it is. On May 20-24, KubeCon is back to Europe, and (of course) bigger than ever. We enjoyed last years EU conference in Copenhagen so much, that we decided to make the journey across the pond once again to this year's conference in Barcelona, Spain. Here are some of the talks, events, and activities we look forward to.

Autoscaling SIG: https://sched.co/MPh6

This talk will cover autoscaling strategies, provide some examples on implementation, and hopefully dive into what is coming next from the Autoscaling SIG. This session is interesting to the team because of the work we have done with Cerebral (our own open source autoscaling tool). We are passionate about autoscaling, so we are looking forward to what is on the roadmap with this SIG group.

Spotify Deletes all their k8s clusters twice, without service being impacted: https://sched.co/MQbb

Every day millions of people queue up their favorite songs on Spotify, and are none the wiser to the monumental effort required to make sure that their requests are satisfied. It comes as no surprise that such an industry-changing company has also embraced the Cloud-Native future with Kubernetes. We are eager to hear about how Spotify engineers took, what seems like an extremely complex system, and designed it with such high levels of resiliency. So much so that it can be deleted and restored without interruption. Can you imagine being the one who initiated that little mishap, twice?

Keynote: From COBOL to Kubernetes: A 250 Year Old Bank's Cloud-Native Journey: https://sched.co/MRzj

We are thrilled to see this talk front and center as a Keynote. A continuous challenge for the cloud-native space as a whole has been dealing with legacy systems and the level of effort required to modernize. It is a challenge we face day in and day out with our own customers. More specifically, to get a real-life glimpse into how a large financial institution navigated on their cloud-native journey should be an educational experience for everyone. Just seeing COBOL in the title evokes a weird range of emotions with our dev team. It will be interesting to hear what challenges they faced along the way and how the managed to overcome them.

To see all the great talks at this years conference check out the full schedule!


As will all conferences there is only so much time available for talks. Each year the CNCF has the daunting task of selecting only a small subset of speakers from thousands of submitted talks. Around 85% of the submissions are rejected from each conference not because they are bad talks, but simply out of necessity.  From that, the Cloud Native Rejekts was born.

The Cloud Native Rejekts 2019 conference will take place in Barcelona on May 18-19, the weekend leading up to KubeCon EU 2019. The event will be held at the CREC Coworking Barcelona and will be two days of talks that did not quite make the cut.

Amongst the schedule of interesting talks, our very own Matt Kelly (@mattkellyeng) and Ashley Schuett (@victimnvillain) will have a chance to deep dive into pre-emptive autoscaling. Matt and Ashley have been the driving force behind the development of the open source tool, Cerebral, that enables pre-emptive autoscaling on any cloud provider. They will be walking through what they have learned so far, various autoscaling strategies, and how Cerebral functions today. More info on the talk can be found here.

Tickets are still available for the event, so don't miss your chance to hear even more talks focused around Cloud Native technologies.

Other Happenings:

In between talks be sure to stop by our booth, SE38, and take some time to chat with one of the team members about what we are up to at Containership. The Sponsor Showcase will be open the entire week and there will be times designated in the afternoon, complete with much-needed beverages, to make your rounds. We would love to see you there!  The big all attendees party will be taking place on Wednesday at Poble Espanyol this year. Looks like an amazing venue, and we can't wait to experience the Spanish soul first hand at this unique location.

Want to schedule some time to get a full demo? Shoot us a message below!

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