How To Attend The First-Ever Abstractions Conference For FREE

How To Attend The First-Ever Abstractions Conference For FREE

The Abstractions Conference is coming to Pittsburgh, PA this August. If you have not heard of the Abstractions Conference yet, it is a conference designed to bring everyone involved with software development together and give them the tools and information necessary to continue to excel in the business of software development. 

ContainerShip is excited to be a part of this innovative gathering of designers, programmers, engineers, content creators and more! Some of the best development happens in a community, as we have all learned from the success of collaborative networks like Kickstarter, Uber, et all. This conference sets up a community of developers and designers to work together through networking and through great collaborative tools. 

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What's Happening At Abstractions

Not only are there plenty of opportunities to network with your peers in the industry, but the opportunity to learn from giants in the industry is huge. Tickets to the conference are at an already incredibly cheap price of $250 when you consider the keynote speakers like Larry Wall, Richard Stallman, Allison Randal, Raffi Krikorian and more. 


Larry Wall is one of the best-known names of the technology revolution, if you have not heard of him for some reason, you will know the programming language he invented: Perl. Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software Foundation. Every Open Source innovation we have benefited from in the past 20 years is due to his work in computer software and the tools he built are great too.

Allison Randall has worked on Perl, Parrot and other computer programming languages and she is an example for all women who want to get involved in STEM or software. There are too many great leaders in the information industry to mention them all here, but make sure to check out the list of speakers and topics at the event. 

Networking And More

In addition to the great speakers, event sponsors will be there providing information on software, on hardware, on cloud-based systems, on tools for development. Basically, anything you want for your development business will be there, and you will be able to talk to industry leaders, software owners, freelancers, and peers in your industry. 

Conferences provide high value for those who seek to network and for those who seek to learn more. The Abstractions Conference promises to provide value on both counts. So whether you are looking to learn more about your industry or meet-up with potential customers/employers, there will be plenty of opportunities. 

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How To Get A Free Ticket

We know that this is going to be a great opportunity for anyone involved in deployment and we wanted to do our part by offering 8 free tickets to individuals who want to go to Abstractions this August. 

There is no purchase necessary to enter the competition. The winners of the tickets will be notified via email after the competition closes on Friday, July 29, so apply for the free tickets before then. If you want to register on your own, you can register at the Abstractions site. If you want to join ContainerShip as a sponsor of the event, check out the sponsorship page.

Stop By and Say Hello!

As a gold sponsor of the Abstractions conference, ContainerShip is going to be there in force, and our CEO, Phil Dougherty, will be speaking at the conference as well. We look forward to meeting you and to helping 8 lucky individuals attend this event and supercharge their development capabilities. 

 Whether you enter and win the competition or come on your own, we look forward to seeing you in August at the convention center. Remember to look up our booth on the display floor and find out more information about ContainerShip there.

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