6 Forums Every DevOps Engineer Should Follow

If everyone in your profession with an opinion, a question, or an answer engages in discussions on one platform or another, then you need to join that conversation to learn and build your position of authority in the industry. Strange as it seems, there is much truth to this circular statement.

DevOps sets a fast pace in development, operations, and systems automation. To stay ahead of the game, check out these seven forums every DevOps engineer should follow. They will inform you and give you the opportunity to make a name as an authority in the field.

As an engineer, you know how fast the industry moves and how rapidly trends advance and reverse. So, you should at least be lurking in the forums where the most broadly respected voices give advice and opinions. The following list includes some of the big names and places on the web.

6 Forums Every DevOps Engineer Should Follow

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1. Amazon Web Services

The size and reach of Amazon Web Services speaks for itself. Regardless of whether you use the AWS hosting services to host your website or one of the many supporting cloud services the digital giant delivers, you should monitor the discussions so that you can respond, comment, and learn.

2. Rackspace Forums

Rackspace.com is the largest competitor to AWS and like many companies that nip at the heels of the market leader, they present the image that they try harder. Rackspace.com ranks 1090th in the USA, whereas the AWS top domain website site ranks number four in the country. The Rackspace website has abundant informative content and a user community to match.

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft gives you two links on one page that point to both the MSDN forums and Stack Overflow, which is an external forum that Microsoft recommends. Microsoft has extensive documentation for all of the brand’s offerings. While the support forums do not have one particular topic page for DevOps, they do have 52 topics that relate directly to it, with threads of ongoing conversations.

4. DevOps LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms on the Internet today. When you join the LinkedIn DevOps Group, you will find answers and a place to build your reputation by contributing your knowledge. The structure of LinkedIn favors the expert which means that if you share your experience, you will gain standing within the community. Ultimately, the most highly regarded members earn merit that can boost the careers of Influencers by their perceived authority.

5. DevOps on Quora

Quora.com is a popular community of helpful users that answer questions on most any topic imaginable. Quora tackles DevOps questions directly. You can ask questions of the community and sit back while helpful answers flow to you. Like LinkedIn, it is an excellent platform on which to build your authority by providing solutions for other members.

6. The DevOps SubReddit

Even if Reddit is a blackhole of lost hours while browsing the Internet, you can still find that it is a great resource for information and discussions among the technically literate in the industry. The DevOps SubReddit is a source of discussion and links to blogs and other content related to the profession.

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7. HackerNews From Y Combinator

If you want to listen to the beating heart of tech today, you have to pay attention to HackerNews, the forum for the community surrounding Y Combinator, the world’s largest start-up incubator. Some of the alumni have gone on to become the new giants of the digital world. The HackerNews tone is high-level, intellectually disruptive, and formal. It is a platform where you can witness industry thought leaders announcing their content and sharing industry news.

Concluding With A Bonus

Finally, as a real-world bonus, consider joining a local meet-up group that allows you to connect in-person at local gatherings The connections that you can make via Meetup.com helps members find professional connections, contacts, and conversations while you have a fun evening out in your local community.

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