Dev Agencies: How To Maximize The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

How To Maximize The Benefits of Cloud Computing

While many development agencies have already embraced the cloud, dependence on existing IT infrastructure and legacy systems have resulted in most agencies having some sort of hybrid solution. This means that while some applications and servers are cloud-based, there are still local environments in use that need to integrate with newer infrastructure.

As the latest iteration of cloud, hybrid platforms have come to enrich the collection of benefits companies can derive from it. If your development agency is looking to adopt this technology, the timing couldn’t have been better. Here’s a look at how cloud solutions can help you maximise your agency’s productivity and competitiveness:

Making cents of IT infrastructure

The cloud’s pay-as-you-go business model allows even the smallest budgets to pay for its services by significantly reducing capital spending on hefty infrastructure investments. By adopting cloud solutions, development agencies can get their systems off the ground with lower operating costs, zero upfront investment, unmatched scalability and an integration of services.

It also provides a sensible avenue to gradually bring your legacy systems to the cloud as you start to wean off in-house solutions. Moreover, the cloud facilitates a tighter integration between the players involved in DevOps and continuous delivery by making automation and process transparency even more possible than before.

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Big players are making the cloud more dynamic

With all the big tech players vying for their piece of the cloud pie, customers stand to benefit from the ensuing competition between the likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Currently at a meagre 4%, Google is making an earnest effort to increase its share in the market over the coming years. Introducing its machine learning and AI expertise to its cloud services could ensure new and innovative solutions from Google that could just upset the apple cart yet again. Keeping an eye out on developments in the cloud market will allow young agencies to seize opportunities to outsmart their peers in an increasingly crowded dev market.

Build the network you need

The cloud’s biggest drawing card is undoubtedly its flexibility. By giving companies the freedom to build and stratify IT investments according to the demands of the day makes business not only agile in the operational sense, but in a way that it can rapidly adopt to the demands of markets that shift at a minute’s notice. For example, an overnight sensation mobile app can place high traffic and resource demands on a budding SaaS company with limited resources.

Levelling up to an overnight spike in demand can be met only if the company has the built-in scalability in its infrastructure to accommodate it. Cloud makes this type of resource challenge a seamless matter of requesting more resources, receiving them and dealing with a comparatively small increase in monthly operational expense, as opposed to footing the bill for an additional server.

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Make your cloud adoption efforts less complex with ContainerShip

Today, businesses have to be flexible and respond to opportunities and challenges quickly. Cloud solutions can help IT to facilitate business innovation and drive transformation while simultaneously creating a bridge between state-of-the-art concepts like containers and the legacy systems that the business relies on. Containership Cloud is a hosted multi-cloud deployment and server automation platform that makes moving to the cloud safe, simple and sensible.

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