Containership has joined the CNCF

We are happy to announce that we have joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a silver member! While we actually joined way back in May of 2017, we held off on our announcement until we had launched our official support for Kubernetes as a scheduler in our Containers-as-a-Service platform, Containership Cloud. The Linux Foundation likes to align their membership announcements to coincide with major events they are hosting around the world. While we were at Open Souce Summit North America just a few months back in Los Angeles, the timing didn't work out perfectly and the announcement of our membership was delayed until today in conjunction with Open Source Summit Europe.

The CNCF and The Linux Foundation are making great strides in helping to standardize open source technologies that enable the development, deployment, and management of next generation cloud native software stacks. With this announcement, we join the likes of AWS, Intel, RedHat, VMWare, and 133 other member organizations who are aligned to help push container and cloud native technology standardization and interoperability forward.

Just one year ago it felt like the wild wild west with the number of competing solutions available to solve various problems and needs causing confusion and uncertainty amongst end users, unsure of which solution to choose that would last for the long term. While today we officially utilize only a handful of CNCF hosted projects within our product, such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, and fluentd, our future plans and roadmap will continue to add support for others as we look to achieve maximum compatibility with standards that create confidence in our customers. 

It is an exciting time to be in the cloud computing and developer tools industries, a market that is shifting and changing daily. The CNCF is doing it's part to bring clarity to an often confusing ecosystem, and our team is incredibly excited to be able to contribute to that cause.

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