Containership 3.0: Multicloud Mobile Kubernetes Management

Note: This blog post is related to the legacy Containership Platform and the content is no longer relevant.

Same Ship, Different Way

Last summer, we announced our plan to move forward with full Kubernetes compatibility. We launched our initial beta release in July 2017 and have been working tirelessly towards improving the Kubernetes experience. Today, we are happy to announce Containership 3.0, the simplest way to deploy, manage, and scale your Kubernetes clusters from  any device. And beginning today, the product is officially FREE OF CHARGE, with no credit card required for developers.


Containership 3.0

The newest release of Containership is entirely focused around core Kubernetes functionality, which has quickly become the industry standard when it comes to container scheduling and management. Containership Cloud now includes support for managing vanilla Kubernetes clusters, including:

• Multicloud Clusters



 Load Balancers

 Secret Management

 Config Maps

 SSH Key Access

 Mobile-Friendly Platform

 Public & Private Registries

Our initial release allows you to easily plug in existing Kubernetes clusters, whether it’s from Google’s Kubernetes Engine, Azure’s Kubernetes Service, IBM Cloud’s Container Service, or something you rolled your own. Manage multiple clusters, regardless of provider, through a single pane of glass with ease.

We will also be releasing Containership Kubernetes Service (CKS) later this quarter.

Why Containership?

You might be thinking, I already have my containers running, why would I want to use Containership Cloud to manage them? We’ve put together the simplest and most intuitive way to manage Kubernetes clusters on any provider, and  made it completely free for developers!

We are also excited to announce the release of Containership Cloud Enterprise, which includes additional features such as:

 24/7 Monitoring & Support

 Multi-user organizations


 Security & Compliances

 Kubernetes Training

Read the full press release for the Containership 3.0 launch here.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store for the product?

Containership Kubernetes Service (CKS) - Provision highly available cluster on all of our supported cloud providers (14 going on infinity!)

Helm Marketplace - Instantly deploy a multitude of workloads with the click of a button.

Private Applications - Visually build your own Helm charts, manage and maintain your applications, share and collaborate on them with other members of your organization.

Snapshots - Backup, restore, or clone your clusters to easily expand into new regions or utilize multiple providers

And some other exciting innovations that we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet!

So, stay tuned and we will let you know when we’ve added new features, but we are extremely excited for you to try out our product.

If you have any feedback or questions please reach out to us on Intercom.

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