Containership 3.12: The Best Multicloud Experience Just Got Better

The latest version of Containership, 3.12, is now live. We are thrilled as this release brings a number of significant improvements to the Containership experience, some critical security updates, and support for Kubernetes 1.15. Log in or create an account today to see it all!

CVE Patches

In the past couple of weeks, there have been two major security vulnerabilities discovered with Kubernetes. CVE-2019-11247 and CVE-2019-9514 have both been addressed with this release of Containership. Users can log in and upgrade clusters with one click directly within the Containership UI. All of our supported versions have the fix in place and any previously launched clusters will need to be upgraded for it to be included. There is also no need to jump minor versions for the fix, just patch your current supported version. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your clusters up to date!

Kubernetes 1.15

The Containership Kubernetes Engine (CKE) has passed all conformance tests and users can now launch Kubernetes 1.15 clusters. With that, we have removed support for 1.12. Any users still on 1.12 are encouraged to upgrade their clusters to one of our supported versions. More information on how to upgrade can be found here. Also, be sure to visit the official Kubernetes blog for all the details on Kubernetes 1.15: Extensibility and Continuous Improvement.

The Containership Experience

We are always finding ways to improve the Containership experience and user interface by including features that are essential to our end users. We don’t always highlight those changes but we are particularly proud of some of the enhancements we have made in this release.

Starting with our filtering mechanism. We recognize how essential the filtering tool is for our users, and we wanted a way for users to save queries so they can either be easily referenced or shared between teams. For that, we now give users the ability to copy and save your filters. Simply create a filter, hit the copy button, and then share or use later.

We can only make these types of improvements with your input. If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve, please feel free to let us know!

Multicloud Control

A successful multicloud setup requires that servers are running in various parts of the world. As an operator, it is important to know where, geographically, your servers are running. Containership now features some tooling to help with this process. We now include a geohash label on every node within your cluster(s). The locations remain synchronized across your machines and can be leveraged for location-based scheduling.

$ kubectl get nodes -L
NAME                                   STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION   GEOHASH
2e5e7472-f666-4a2a-af31-2216d7a2471b   Ready    master   4m38s   v1.14.6   dr5regw3ppyz
9c81f461-5953-4c27-bdcb-76977c565c71   Ready    <none>   3m9s    v1.14.6   dr5regw3ppyz

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