KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is back and bigger than ever in the Emerald City!


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is hosting its annual North American KubeCon event, and it is going to be, huge. This years event will take place December 10-13 at the Washington State Convention center in Seattle Washington and it is already sold out. You can expect 7,000+ attendees, talks from over 400 speakers, 150+ sponsors on site to talk shop (including Containership at SE9!) and plenty of out of conference activities that are sure to please. As KubeCon veterans we know how overwhelming it can be to schedule your time out, so here are a few things we are excited about at Containership.

Databases on Kubernetes

Everyone knows running a distributed stateful application (hellllloooo databases) on Kubernetes is not easy. A major goal of mine is to become more acquainted with doing so and begin running my own production ready PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes. Im especially excited this year to attend talks about distributed stateful sets and running databases in Kubernetes.

Alexander Kukushkin from Zalando SE is giving a talk titled Building Your Own PostgreSQL As A Service On Kubernetes that will explore the open source tools they have developed including Patroni and postgres-operator to help developers build and manage PostgreSQL clusters. He will also be exploring benefits and pitfalls of running a production database in Kubernetes. Much like Alex’s talking regarding offering PostgreSQL as a service on Kubernetes,  Wesley Ashkinazy and Steve Croce from ObjectRocket will be giving a similar talk about offering Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Redis as a service on Kubernetes titled DBaaS on Kubernetes: Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Oil and Water.

Im looking forward to seeing how running those databases as a service compares to Alex’s experience running PostgreSQL as a service on Kubernetes. Of course you can’t talk about databases without MySQL coming up. It’s not my relational database of choice, but there is no denying it’s one of the most popular in the world. Patrick Galbraith from Oracle’s talk Running MySQL on Kubernetes will do exactly that, explore running a MySQL stateful set on Kubernetes and how to handle sharding, connection pooling, and query sanitation.


I’ll be rounding off my tour of Kubernetes database talks and go right into multicloud, as we love multicloud around here. Alex Robinson’s talk, Experience Report: Running a Distributed System Across Kubernetes Clusters, will cover his experience running a distributed database across multiple clusters (!!!) over the last 6 months. Part of the underlying beauty of a Kubernetes setup is the ability to spread your workloads across regions and zones as a means to better serve customers and be ready for the imminent outages. Looking forward to seeing what Alex and his team have went through managing a distributed database across various underlying infrastructures and how we can bring some of their lessons learned to our customers moving forward.

Node gRPC

Here at Containership, our CloudAPI platform is a distributed microservice system (obviously running on Kubernetes). Many of the microservices are written in Node.js and all leverage the gRPC framework. I’m personally very excited to attend Michael Lumish’s Deep Dive: gRPC Node to learn more about the underlying component of the Node.js implementation for the most popular remote procedure call framework in the world. Im looking forward to meeting the original author and primary maintainer of the Node gRPC library and hearing about his experience and future plans for the project.

Cloud Controller Manager

Out of all the talks there is one that we are particularly excited for, Kubernetes Manages More Than Just Containers. Our very own Ashley Schuett will be giving a talk on cloud controller managers. She has spent an extensive amount of time navigating the world of cloud controllers and is set to share some of her first hand experiences with the community. Check out her session Wednesday December 12 at 4:30!

Visit Containership

This year we will be at Booth SE9 in the sponsor showcase area. We are very excited to reconnect will folks from last year, and meeting any first timers to KubeCon. So much has changed in one year at Containership, and we have plenty of exciting things to talk about. If you are interested in scheduling a time to talk, let us know. Otherwise feel free to just stop by our booth, or maybe we will have the chance to catch up at one of the many activities taking place outside of show hours.

Cant make it this year? Not a problem! Register for the live stream and watch any of the talks in real time!

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