Deploy to 70% of the Global Cloud with Containership Kubernetes Engine


Enabling Multicloud Deployment with Containership Kubernetes Engine

As always, our team has been hard at work to provide users the easiest way to deploy and manage multicloud Kubernetes. Just a few weeks ago we announced that Containership Kubernetes Engine (CKE) was one of the first distributions to support Kubernetes 1.11. Today with the release of Containership Cloud Platform 3.5.0, we’re pleased to announce that we’re growing support for CKE with the addition of the three leading cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

We recognize that bringing the simplicity of CKE’s cluster lifecycle management to the industry’s top three cloud providers will both reduce friction, as well as ease the onboarding of Kubernetes for any size organization, large or small. Given the rise of edge computing, and an ever growing cloud footprint, organizations are rapidly seeking ways to replicate their infrastructure globally. According to the 2018 RightScale State of the Cloud report, over 80% of enterprises have a multicloud strategy. In order to best serve their customers, businesses must continue to grow their global presence. However, in a world where low latency and resiliency are paramount, achieving a global infrastructure footprint is challenging without the proper tools.

How Containership Cloud Platform Helps

It comes as no surprise that with the wealth of tooling in the Kubernetes community, users often find themselves spending countless hours learning new technologies just to assist in the creation of a cluster; this doesn’t even account for day two operations. Nor does it account for the overhead of learning and switching tools if your business needs require you migrate or expand into new clouds. Our customers continue to echo a similar sentiment: they are demanding a consistent and reliable tool to provision their Kubernetes infrastructure, namely across clouds, as well as manage all of their infrastructure resources from a centralized dashboard. Sure, running and managing one cluster is simple, but what about 200?

While adhering to the standards set forth by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, CKE provides users with a Kubernetes platform built with multicloud management front and center. Through a single pane of glass, users can deploy, manage and scale Kubernetes across cloud and on-premise clusters alike. And now, with the addition of three new providers, customers can target an additional 90+ regions for deployment, bringing the total to over 100 regions from our platform. CKE’s supported providers account for nearly 70% of the global cloud market share [1], and these integrations are just another step towards Containership’s goal to provide users with ultimate coverage and functional flexibility for their organization. We understand that our customer’s business needs are ever changing, and fundamentally believe their infrastructure management platform should be flexible enough to grow with them.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about how CKE compares to the managed offerings from Amazon, Microsoft and Google, keep an eye on our blog in the coming weeks for detailed comparisons. To give CKE a spin, sign up for free and provision a Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks. And, as always, if you already have a Kubernetes cluster created through a managed service, you can easily attach it the Containership Cloud Platform to continue managing it along with the rest of your clusters in a consistent way through our unified dashboard. 

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out!

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