Build Or Buy: 6 Key Things To Consider Before Building A Platform

For companies looking to deliver any aaS (as a Service) product, a PaaS (Platform as a Service) is necessary for creating, producing, and serving their product and customers. Many tech companies invest the time to create their own PaaS without considering the issues faced by anyone who is trying to build their own infrastructure and management systems just to create a software system. This is like trying to reinvent the wheel in order to build a better cart.

Build Or Buy: 6 Key Things To Consider Before Building A PlatformThere are many great PaaS services for companies to use to host their DBaaS, SaaS, or other service products. How is a company to decide whether to invest the time and energy into building their own PaaS versus just buying one of the quality products already on the market?

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1. Do I Specialize In Platforms?

As Big Data and the cloud transfer the fast pace of technological advancements from computer design to every other aspect of life, the need to focus on your specialties becomes even more important. If there is someone out there focused on delivering the best PaaS and improving it every month, why would you attempt to compete with them when they are probably trying to capitalize on their specialty?

Rather than focusing on the ability to do everything, focus on your specialty and learn how to integrate other's specialties with yours to provide a superior service and product to your customers. A SaaS product is great for providing turn-key functionality to business users, why would you want to spend the time, energy, and labor necessary to manage a team of Platform techs when your focus is on giving businesses the ability to automate inventory management, for example?

2. What Level of Control Do We Need?

The US Government, schools, and militaries are all organizations that need high levels of control for their information platform. If your business needs high levels of security and control for your platform, building your own in-house system makes sense. At any level of business operations regularly used by organizations, the best way to maintain control and security will actually be to outsource to experts who understand how to secure a platform in today's fast-paced market.

3. Who are Our Customers?

While this may not seem like an obvious question to ask before you build your own platform or buy someone else's platform, it is essential to all business planning. Who are you providing a product for? Will they need access to the underlying infrastructure through your business and be frustrated by a third party solution? Most businesses do not want to deal with the hassles of even knowing what their platform is, let alone managing it. If your customers do not need or want access to their platform, what is the motive behind building your own platform?

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4. How Much Money Do We Want to Spend on Deploying the Platform?

Building your own platform is costly as you have to build the infrastructure or lease the infrastructure necessary to manage your platform. An outsourced platform gives you the tools to intuitively and automatically manage your databases, cloud servers, and other hardware. Rather than focusing on managing someone else's hardware (cloud based computing) or building your own in-house, focus your income on purchasing an intuitive platform to host your software on and let the platform manage your hardware. The choice is simple and most businesses will choose to outsource a platform rather than spend the amount necessary to build their own.

5. How Much Time Do We Want to Spend on Deploying the Platform?

A platform is essential to have before you can start shipping your software code or any portion of it. It takes time to design and ship your platform, how much time do you want to spend building the foundation of your software rather than actually building your software? An outsourced PaaS will give you the foundation to build your software without the waiting around to finish your own platform.

6. What Does Success Look Like?

Finally, a successful software release often is focused on so many other issues that building your own platform is just a distraction. What does success look like for your business? Is it spending time to build a platform, publish a platform, and get businesses to use your platform, or are you a software company?

A successful software deployment most often does not require that you build your own platform. You can use a quality PaaS plan to distribute your software, to automate your infrastructure management, and to scale efficiently and affordably. This is success, using the best of your team and the best of others to create an incredible solution for your customers.

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