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10 Single Sentence Explanations Of Container Technology That Will Enlighten You

Container technology recently found more interest by companies in a time when business demands require faster applications. Even though it sometimes takes a back seat to discussions about the cloud or The Internet of Things, containers are equal with those in being able to make your company run more optimally.

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A History Of Container Technology

If you've been curious about container technology lately, you're far from being alone. Many companies have begun to show more ardent interest in this new variation on virtual machines. What's interesting about containers is while they're usually compared to VM's, they're actually quite different.

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The Ultimate Cloud Computing Stack For Startups

What startup companies need first and most of all is one thing: sell their product.

If the product is not yet ready to sell, the startup must set its goal to finish developing it, so they put it on the market to bring in positive cash flow. They need to get their core business rolling, and cash flowing into the company. All else is subsidiary.

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10 Awesome Blogs Every Startup Should Be Reading

There's no lack of blogs for tech developers and startups, but where do you start reading?

You need a balanced menu, with business news, tech news, and a bit of wild speculation. Keeping up with multiple sources helps you to keep an independent perspective and not depend on any one publisher's claims. Here are some blogs that should be at the top of your list.

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Serious About DevOps? Velocity Attendees Are Ahead Of The Game

Since 2008, the Velocity Conference has brought together web professionals from different backgrounds. Some work in web performance, web operations, and DevOps. If you think you are you serious about DevOps, Velocity attendees are ahead of the game. This year promises to bigger and better programs than previous conferences (even though that is a hard act to follow). The only way you will feel disappointed is if you miss it.

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The Biggest Mistakes Pokemon Go Made Startups Make Everyday

It seems that PokemonGo became the ultimate app distraction this summer to perhaps help everyone escape from daily life. We have to give credit to them for helping people be able to leave reality for a little while. Regardless, this much dependency on an app requires some care and investment in proper technology to keep things running optimally.

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What is IaaS?

The most glamorous part of cloud computing falls under Software as a Service, or SaaS. Providers make applications available which individuals and businesses can use, covering everything from resource management to backup.

But what if you want full control of your remote services, with the ability to create and run your own rather than pick from a smorgasbord? That's when you want Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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5 Cloud Based Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

With cloud-based services continuing the exponential advances of Moore's Law (and applying it to more than just computer hardware), software development has to grow with similar speed to stay relevant. Although the market for software development and deployment has become more technical and competitive, the cloud provides many services to help development teams remove much of the busy-body work of running a business so they can focus on their core product: the software. 

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Which Load Balancing Method Are You Using?

Balance is necessary in diet, in the martial arts, and in servers.

When your server is getting more requests than it can handle, it's a happy day for the marketing department. Lots of users are coming in and using the system. For the IT department, it means making some serious changes. It's time to add one or more servers, but they all have to look like one server to the users.

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