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Configuration Management: What It Is And What It's Not

With the cloud and its myriad spinoff technologies becoming the staple of everyday IT implementations, the need for faster and more agile deployment of infrastructure and their accompanying operating systems, and software applications, is on the increase.

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Definitions From A Developer: What Is A Container

New arrivals on the infrastructure landscape aren’t only meant to expand on an already abundant collection of catchy abbreviations and acronyms, they’re also revolutionizing the way people, businesses and technology interact on a daily basis. One such relative newcomer to the world of DevOps and IT at large is the Software Development Container.

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7 Exciting Parts Of Attending #ContainerCon 2016

If you've shown interest using container technology this year in your company, you probably never knew a convention could revolve around them. While you can perhaps say there's a convention for everyone and everything, ContainerCon is available to you as an exciting new opportunity in the software development community.

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Managing Rackspace: 5 Tips For Getting Started

If you're new to Rackspace, you probably already know it hasn't received as much attention as Amazon has in the growing list of top cloud hosting providers. Nevertheless, Rackspace has recently continued to grow in respect with IT professionals due to a better focus on customer service. Plus, they offer some specific cloud services others don't.

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Why Scaling Your Business Requires Simplicity, Not Complex Technologies

You're perhaps starting to see signs of growth in your company after taking several years to get to where you are now. As a result, it's perhaps time to upgrade to new technology, even though you worry about how much you can acquire based on your budget. Having to invest in overhauling your infrastructure could cost thousands of dollars. Worse, you may acquire technologies that are far too complex for your team to acclimate to immediately.

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Best Continuous Integration Solutions: A Brief Guide

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI and CD) are now a favorite paradigm for software development.

Rather than having breaks in the development cycle for new releases, developers constantly add incremental changes. If a change goes wrong, it's an easy rollback to the previous version. Not every build goes out to end users, but any successful build can.

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7 Things That Nobody Told You About Load Balancers

Most developers can intuitively understand the basic concept of load balancers and why they're useful just from the name. Nobody expects a car engine to run on just one cylinder and to stand up for a long time you need to balance the load of your weight on both feet.

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