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6 Forums Every DevOps Engineer Should Follow

If everyone in your profession with an opinion, a question, or an answer engages in discussions on one platform or another, then you need to join that conversation to learn and build your position of authority in the industry. Strange as it seems, there is much truth to this circular statement.

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Continuous Deployment With Jenkins: 10 Quick Facts

If you're new to the application Jenkins , it's an award-winning continuous integration and delivery application written in java.  It allows your development team to continuously build and test software projects so you don't have conflicts and dreaded downtime.

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How To Attend The First-Ever Abstractions Conference For FREE

The Abstractions Conference is coming to Pittsburgh, PA this August. If you have not heard of the Abstractions Conference yet, it is a conference designed to bring everyone involved with software development together and give them the tools and information necessary to continue to excel in the business of software development. 

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The First-Ever Abstractions Conference: Why Your Software Company Should Go

As a software company, networking is essential to learn new ideas and link up with potential business partners. There isn't any better place to do this than at the Abstractions Conference that's having its inaugural event this year. Held in Pittsburgh, PA from August 18-20, it's a chance for software developers from all fields to mingle and share the latest modern development ideas.

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Why Pittsburgh Is Soon Becoming the National Center for Software Development

During the past 30 years, advanced software development has found a home and built a new epi-center in the city of Pittsburgh. This might be surprising to some, who will remember Pittsburgh as a haven of closed steel mills and over-the-hill manufacturing sites. Now, functioning as the "new Silicon Valley," Pittsburgh boasts many high-tech companies, conferences, and organizations.

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Platform as a Service Providers: A Definition

You'll find many Platform as a Service providers out there in a time when PaaS technology has more use than ever. If you're new to what PaaS is, it's important to learn about what it can do to help your development team work more efficiently and pare down your infrastructure expenditures.

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Attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2016: Why You Should Join and Pitch Your Startup

TechCrunch Disrupt has become a leading convention that allows technological startups to find a way to introduce themselves and present game-changing technologies. They're renowned around the world now for not just letting startups get a foot in the door, but to also discuss the latest technologies in general.

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Google Cloud vs. AWS: What You Need To Know

There isn't any question that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become one of the leading cloud providers, though you'll find many who find equal merit in Google Cloud. The comparisons are sometimes wide on features, yet it ultimately depends on what your business requirements are when faced with making a quick choice.

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Selecting A PaaS Cloud Provider: What To Look For

Using PaaS (or Platform as a Service) has become a favorite element of cloud services to help development and deployment of your cloud applications. It's never a good idea to build a cloud application until you have PaaS in place since it provides the hardware and software you need to help your developers work properly.

The problem is finding a PaaS provider within a sea of competitors. You'll notice PaaS provider competition is intense due to the technology being so much in demand in the development community.

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How To Evaluate Platform As A Service Providers (PaaS) For Your Startup

As a startup, you obviously have many budgetary limitations that may hold you back on getting the technology you need to spread your wings. The cloud might sound daunting if you're new to it, but it's an obvious choice to startups that can't afford to buy physical equipment. At the heart of this is numerous "as a service" features many cloud providers offer.

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PaaS vs. IaaS: What's The Difference?

Perhaps you've heard your IT team take on a PaaS vs. IaaS debate lately, and you're still mystified over what these acronyms mean. If you're new to cloud services, you're probably still trying to understand many of the "as a service" options cloud providers give you. PaaS and IaaS are two of the most popular, though you also have SaaS (Software as a Service), and many others placing your business tools in the cloud.

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Top 3 PaaS Providers For Startups

Searching for a PaaS provider is a tough process now because of how many there are and each one saying they're better than the other. Choosing one requires extensive vetting to scope out exactly how it matches what you and your developers need. Otherwise known as Platform as a Service, PaaS has taken a leap forward in the last couple of years thanks to better features and new technologies.

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