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PaaS Hosting: How To Select A Provider

You'll find many "as a service" options from cloud providers, and some businesses enjoy using the cloud for one or more of these services. PaaS (or Platform as a Service) is popular for a good reason: It manages your applications and other infrastructure in the cloud to save money on physical hardware and time maintaining servers.  This allows developers to focus on development rather than environment configuration issues.

When you have a software development team, they can easily test their applications using a PaaS and promote code changes through environments easily.  A good PaaS effectivley solves the common 'bottleneck' issues developers face when trying to succesfully deploy applications.  Containerized apps will run regardless of the underlying hardware removing an operations team from the equation entirely.

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Forget Configuration Management, Think Containers

Running an application efficiently on a new machine can be tricky. Every environment is different, often leading to compatibility issues. Your software might be tested just with certain versions of system software and supporting libraries. If a different version of Java or PHP is installed, you might get subtle bugs that would never show up in your testing environment.

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Definitions From a Developer: What Is A Cluster?

If you want lots of processing power and storage, you can get the fastest, biggest server you can afford, but that's not always the best way. What if you need still more power? What if the supercomputer goes down, leaving you with nothing? A more flexible approach, and often a more economical one, is to use a cluster.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right PaaS For Your Business

Platform as a Service is a set of cloud computing services that provide companies with software services using the cloud vendor's set of tools. You want to find the PaaS provider that's right for your business. If your business needs change in the future, you don't want to find your business locked into an expensive contract.

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What Is Container Hosting And Management?

Within your company's IT staff, you've perhaps been hearing some inside discussion asking "what is container hosting and management?" You'd probably like to have this question answered yourself since no doubt much of the talk about it relates to packing more computer workloads into one server.

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Understanding The Key Components Of A Cloud Management System

All cloud management systems are extremely complex, and the components involved are vast. But you can usually break down the key components into an essential checklist to give you an idea of what's involved.

Moving to the cloud is already one of the best things you can do this year if you've been ambivalent about it for a while. It's become a true blessing to the business world having a consolidated and centralized database containing many business elements.

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Build Or Buy: 6 Key Things To Consider Before Building A Platform

For companies looking to deliver any aaS (as a Service) product, a PaaS (Platform as a Service) is necessary for creating, producing, and serving their product and customers. Many tech companies invest the time to create their own PaaS without considering the issues faced by anyone who is trying to build their own infrastructure and management systems just to create a software system. This is like trying to reinvent the wheel in order to build a better cart.

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An Almost Foolproof Way For Achieving Continuous Deployment

One problem with sharing applications and development responsibilities within a company is when different development environments are being used. When a development team creates one server environment and another team creates another, what happens if they can't interact well together? 

This is a dilemma far too many companies face who use virtual machines. But you have an almost foolproof way for achieving continuous deployment, faster response, and allowing more collaboration.

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What is PaaS?

No doubt you've heard plenty about "as a service" services that many cloud computing platforms offer. The cloud, though, is perhaps still a mystery to you, especially all those services it offers with "aas" in their titled acronyms. It isn't necessary to make the cloud something perplexing because it's become a true gift to the business world. Through one interface, you can store all of your business contents, data, and applications without having to invest in physical equipment around your office, or in your server room.

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