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The DevOps Team Bottleneck

It's 2016, Software has been busy eating the world for a while now, and with the boatloads of new software being released every day, a major shift has been happening in the ways that software is being developed, deployed and hosted. The biggest change of all on the hosting and deployment side has been the the rise of containers, and the need for continuous delivery. But why has there been such a huge jump in adoption? Companies have been doing continuous delivery and server automation with configuration management for years, right? Well, yes, but when your goal is to change the culture of your software development organization, and promote self sufficient teams, that can deploy and manage their own projects, getting there with Config Management will become a major bottleneck. Until Docker made easy to use linux container tech open source, there wasn't any real viable alternative to do it better, and still run on your own hardware or cloud account. Even a product like RightScale that saw significant success, required extensive scripting, or learning Chef.

Topics: DevOps Culture Platform as a Service