Another AWS Outage = Time For a Multicloud Strategy


This morning, social media was abuzz with complaints and panic that AWS had experienced yet another outage. This is certainly par for the course with any hosting provider (regardless of size or number of 9's they offer). Unfortunately, if you have not planned for an outage, you may be hung out to dry, like Fortnite and many others.

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While many were back up in a timely manner, downtime should not happen to good people... Especially when it is completely avoidable. Now is the time to start planning a multicloud strategy that allows your organization to build portable, containerized infrastructure across any cloud provider or data center. You should have the ability to create, modify, scale and snapshot clusters that are fully cloud-agnostic and simple to migrate or restore on any cloud provider or availability zone.

Never become beholden to a cloud you have no control over without a simple disaster recovery plan. The public cloud offers the promise of cost-savings and agility and can deliver on it. Just make sure you are ready when something goes wrong. Go ahead and run your apps on AWS to take advantage of the lower opex savings. But if AWS goes down, instantly move everything to Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, Packet, etc. or different availability zones. Have agility and flexibility to take advantage of all the clouds without worry.

Today's outage is not an isolated incident and can happen to any provider including Azure, Google, Bluemix and more. Here comes the shameless plug...Fortunately, Containership has great, lightweight technology (built on Kubernetes) that is purpose built to help you keep your workloads running on the good days and the bad. We launched the company with a vision of making it really easy to migrate from one cloud provider to another (literally in the click of a button). You don't have to be a cloud expert to run your applications like one. If you do end up needing help Containership can manage your entire cloud infrastructure for you. Our team of cloud experts will get you on your way to a multicloud strategy today.

Check us out so you don't find yourself tweeting to your users (and the world) to let them know they should get a latte while you pray your applications come back up.

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