An Almost Foolproof Way For Achieving Continuous Deployment

One problem with sharing applications and development responsibilities within a company is when different development environments are being used. When a development team creates one server environment and another team creates another, what happens if they can't interact well together? 

This is a dilemma far too many companies face who use virtual machines. But you have an almost foolproof way for achieving continuous deployment, faster response, and allowing more collaboration.

An Almost Foolproof Way For Achieving Continuous Deployment

If you're still catching up on what containers are, then it's time to learn about how much this newer technology evolves the cloud to new plateaus.

When using container technology, having a proper hosting platform helps you get this technology's benefits. At Containership, we offer this to you so you can continually deploy your applications without problems due to reliance on one hosting provider, sever dependencies, or disparaties amongst environments.

Containers help allow you to run multiple applications or environments on the same physical or virtual server, which greatly reduces the time necessary to stand up new projects. Through our hosting platform, you'll have an open source system running directly through your data center or cloud provider, with the ability to grow your server footprint to many machines without changing anything about your configuration.

Here's some further details on how this makes your business run more efficiently.

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Bringing Faster Deployment

When you have to invest in more servers to support multiple codebases or programming languages, you only run into major expense hurdles. You don't want slow application deployment when you're in the middle of an important project with a critical deadline and a large development team.

Using a container hosting solution, you have a platform running on top of your existing infrastructure to help speed up all of your computing tasks. By deploying numerous servers at once, you still get quick response time within seconds. It doesn't matter if you have two servers or 20,000 of them, it works the same.

This works great when your development team creates a new app and you need it to work fast quickly. When you need to scale immediately, you have unlimited capability to create more server space.

Bringing Continuous Deployment

No doubt you've grown tired of having interruptions in your servers when experiencing an influx of business or when using multiple applications. A CaaS (Containers as a Service) can help you have continuous application deployment without having to rely on managing and maintaining individual servers. Now you can rid yourself of having to place so much capital into maintaining servers and worrying about them shutting down or acting up at the wrong possible times.

Some think a container hosting platform works like a Platform as a Service system. It does have some similarities, though the difference is the container service can run directly through your own data center or cloud account. Having this ability lets you use Containership's platform virtually anywhere, at a greatly reduced cost.

With many integrated software packages as well, you won't have to rely on another slow database managed by a PaaS provider.

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More Collaboration

Using container technology opens up a new way to collaborate with your colleagues without having to deal with the headaches of server maintenance or downtime. Since the platform runs extremely fast, you can share information instantly with your employees. For developers, it's even better since they can test their applications  without conflict.

We offer a plug-in system letting you configure everything to your own needs since we understand every business is different. Because this integrates with the cloud, you can have easier collaborations with employees and even customers. As always, applications have easy accessibility at any time and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

All of this is as easy to use as one line of code. You can see why so many have declared containers are the true cloud of the future, and it's already here.

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