Containership Cloud: Now Supporting Alibaba Cloud & IBM Bluemix


One of the key benefits of using Containership is having the ability to deploy to the provider that works best for your needs and move your workloads between them easily.  While you can provision servers on each provider individually, Containership gives you one tool to rule them all.  With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the availability of two new Cloud providers, Alibaba Cloud and IBM Bluemix, further expanding your hypercloud experience with Containership...  

Alibaba Cloud gives Containership users access to 13 new regions and 22 availability zones. Among these includes a large number predominantly in the Asia Pacific region.  Alibaba Cloud was built to power the massive e-commerce arm of Alibaba Group as well as millions of other international businesses.  They are the largest Cloud provider in China and continue to be innovators in the cloud space.  The other great news is they are offering $300 in free credit if you create a new Alibaba account today!

IBM Bluemix is infrastructure powered by Softlayer.  Bluemix brings together the wide reach of Softlayer and supports private, public, and baremetal deployments on 22 different regions across the globe.  Bluemix give you a ton of options when it comes to provisioning and is poised to be a leading provider in the DevOps space. Sign up with IBM bluemix today FREE for 30 Days and deploy with Containership in minutes.

Interested in seeing first hand how these providers work with Containership? See how we make it possible, along with many other key features in a demo!

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