A Pivotal Moment for the container industry

Anyone paying any attention to the technology industry knows containers are a hot topic. Perhaps no hotter than the past couple of days.

Yesterday, Docker announced a new CEO, the respected industry veteran, Steve Singh. It’s a big move by Docker and one that, so far, has been received positively by the pundits.

In stark contrast to the fanfare around Singh’s appointment, the Kubernetes community found itself in firestorm, as rumors swirl around yet another case of tech industry harassment.

For both Docker and Kubernetes, these are pivotal moments.

Docker has grown into a behemoth. Infused with almost $200m of VC funding, they are the unicorn of containers. Ben Golub, Docker’s previous CEO, was exactly who Docker needed to get to where they are today. Handing the reigns of the company’s day to day operations to Singh will help steer this big ship into its next chapter.

Kubernetes, too, has seen its share of success in this market. How its community leaders handle the frustratingly all too common plague of bad actors will, in all likelihood, determine the fate of its future among one of the strongest and most vibrant developer communities in the industry. The statements issued yesterday and today are a first step toward repairing any damage that’s been done.

We are still at the precipice of what may truly define software development for decades to come. I for one am excited to be part of this great community. I applaud Docker on a bold move today and also give credit to the leaders of the Kubernetes community for standing up for what’s right.

Time will tell, but the actions taken by both organizations have an opportunity to strengthen the container industry remind us that we are on the right path.

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