5 Cloud Based Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

With cloud-based services continuing the exponential advances of Moore's Law (and applying it to more than just computer hardware), software development has to grow with similar speed to stay relevant. Although the market for software development and deployment has become more technical and competitive, the cloud provides many services to help development teams remove much of the busy-body work of running a business so they can focus on their core product: the software. 

5 Cloud Based Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier


trello.png Trello is a workflow app designed to facilitate collaboration via a cloud-hosted and browser accessible app. The cards, lists, and boards used in Trello create a great environment for managing agile development projects with telecommuting teams. Trello uses a board for major projects, lists for each aspect of the project, and cards for each part of the project.


Workflowy - 6 Great Cloud Based Tools You Probably Don't Know AboutA great note taking app, Workflowy gives people the ability to manage their thoughts, create notes, dial down to specific aspects of each thought, and track their completion of tasks. While it may look like a simple word processor, Workflowy is a scheduling, brainstorming, and communication tool. 

Each note in Workflowy can have additional notes added to it. This quick sub-note taking gives your development team the ability to discuss issues quickly and turns brainstorming into a quality  collaborative process even when your team is located all around the globe. 


Airtable - 6 Great Cloud Based Tools You Probably Don't Know AboutWhile every developer has preferred database tools, Airtable is a free (for beginning users, they also have enterprise solutions) database management app using the functionality of spreadsheets to manage a cloud-based system. You can use this as a database to host your app through their API or just use it as a simple management tool for non-development related task management. 


Cloudability - 6 Great Cloud Based Tools You Probably Don't Know AboutHow much do you spend on your cloud services? With enterprise cloud development a multi-billion dollar industry, the potential to overspend on cloud services is huge. Cloudability gives businesses the tools to manage their cloud services budgets, locate overspend, and track outgo to get the best result from their services. While a cloud services budgeting app may seem like overkill, cloud services are often harder to track than traditional software licenses, hardware, or even physical assets in your business. These all are tangible budgetary items while cloud services are often intangible and automatically paid. 


Containership - 6 Great Cloud Based Tools You Probably Don't Know About

ContainerShip is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) designed to automate and streamline much of the infrastructure management necessary to build a great software program. Rather than focusing on rebuilding the wheel for each software deployment, ContainerShip delivers a fully functional and scalable platform for software companies so that developers can focus on their core code, not on managing infrastructure. 

These six tools are just some of the many potential products that can streamline work processes, facilitate remote teams, manage business systems, and lay foundations for great software.

Leave us a comment on what some of the tools you are using in the cloud to build, deploy, and manage your software business. 

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