10 Awesome Blogs Every Startup Should Be Reading

There's no lack of blogs for tech developers and startups, but where do you start reading?

You need a balanced menu, with business news, tech news, and a bit of wild speculation. Keeping up with multiple sources helps you to keep an independent perspective and not depend on any one publisher's claims. Here are some blogs that should be at the top of your list.

10 Awesome Blogs Every Startup Should Be Reading

Blogs for startups

CB Insights

You'll find lots of news every day on the tech startup world here. The company behind the blog does data aggregation, and the emphasis is on business issues like funding, market share, growth trends, and the products being offered. If there's more information than you can handle, you can follow a specific topic, such as technology.


If you prefer a livelier style than CB Insights' rather serious approach to startup news, you might like the blog of Mattermark, another data research company, better. It has lots of figures, but also quite a bit of gazing into what might happen next. It includes a good amount of cloud and SaaS news.

Both Sides of the Table

Mark Suster ranges over many topics related to startup businesses, venture capital, and running a business. The title reflects Suster's background as both an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist.

Business news, heavy on tech

InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Here you'll find lots of cloud-related news and commentary. It skews mostly to the business side, but you'll find articles aimed primarily at developers. A lot of the articles provide antidotes to the use of "cloud" as a buzzword for almost everything.


One of the best known blogs in the tech world, TechCrunch covers lots of topics, with a good amount of news about startups staking their futures on innovative tech. TechCrunch operates CrunchBase, built on a large knowledge base about startup tech companies.

Tech blogs

Schneier on Security

Security is always important, and Bruce Schneier is one of the most expert and readable bloggers in the field. He'll bring up security holes in places you might never have thought of, as well as addressing the big issues in the news without taking a partisan position. After reading his blog, you may wonder if anything is really safe.

Linux Insider

With so much server tech based on Linux, not to mention the Android platform, it's important to keep up with developments in the operating system. Topics include application software, operating system updates, security, and development tools. You can follow just developer topics if you prefer, or several other categories.

AWS Blog

Amazon's blog provides the latest news on Amazon Web Services, with frequent looks into related software. Whether or not you use AWS, seeing where it's going provides an important part of the picture on where cloud services are headed.

Docker Blog

If you want to keep up on developments in container tech, you need to follow Docker's blog. It's mostly about their own product, but it includes pieces taking a broader perspective on cloud and container technology.

And finally, of course...

ContainerShip Blog

We can't neglect our own blog. If you came upon this article by chance, take a look at the information we offer you on container technology, startup businesses, cloud platforms, and the latest approaches to software development.

Yes, that's a lot of blogs to keep up with, and this list hardly scratches the surface. Most of them offer many options for following them, including Twitter accounts, RSS feeds, and email newsletters. Pick the method that best suits you and follow the sources that are most relevant to your needs, and you'll stay at the leading edge of what's happening in technology and business.

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